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the Creativepreneur

Our curriculum contains 3×3 levels, in which each level has 12 2-hour courses, to discourse, step-by-step, on science of life, aptitude as well as new concept and technologies for business. This will help participators to find an ideal methodology for themself to work with a system and regulation. To be a valuable creativepreneur of this new age, come and enroll in this higher-standard research and learn platform.

One Good Year to

2020 is a good number visually. A lot of new things will happen, especially ...

2019 Rural Mix

In 2017, the Rural Mix© presented art exhibition “Winter Garden” to the local ...

Rural Mix2019

Rough is Good for you to See Nature Originals A culture fair of cinema, arts, ...

Water Republic

Water is the most important thing on the Earth,taking 70%  of this planet ...

Taosidency ©

| A.R.T.S. |

Advocating Reformation Toward Sustainability

Taosidency © is our upgraded RuralMix project match the the needs of new life style, especially the nomadic creatives in this digital age. It’s abut life of science and art, a state of mind as well, to find the happiness of being with the nature world.

Management of IP Asset |

This is the manage entity to operate social campaigns and commercial production in great China. It is a synergy to make better value from raw cultural materials, originals and prototypes in business world. On the other hands, it also makes a home for creative expats who wants to find a career or professional development from our legal services in China, It  is the place to get opportunity and some helpful consultation. Learn how and join our group whitch will help your creative professions sustanable.

Some is not as about so below. If you want to know more about yourself, please leave the comfortable zone where you are used to be. To be a fish out of water or take some experience with arts that may bring new inspiration to your personal life. Everyone has unique gift. Everyone coming in the world for a reason. By means of art working, you may find a way to escape your daily restraint and find new horizon. By the age of A.I. , humans need to recovery nature of resilience. Here, we organize devoted scholars and artists to help you to explore potentiality. You can come and experience new art from different linguistic system. It is a promising journey!


Fashion and Trend

NanaBee is a brand to fashion ladies who like arts and gastronomy.It is originally from a novelist who had written near thirty hard-copied books about stories of love in Chinese society. She is neither a feminism nor vegetarian. However, she is a happy lady who has passion on life. She also developed a methodology of arts to help people finding inner harmony of truth, happiness and balance, all of which are ways to solve issues in family or work. If you want to experience modern Chinese and updated culture, it is recommended to join her programs.

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Come and learn! Let’s study the Great Reset and New Normal. Creatives, how does that sound to you?