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New World

Hey, do you want to move up to creative class? That are the new driving force needed every where in the age of AI. Studies said that humans can easily understand higher information spiritually when playing with arts. This practice was a privilege only reserved for aristocracy in the ancient time. Now, after scientifically research for decade, we make it possible for any one.

There are three grades and nine levels for people to learn and explore things beyond language. One more certification for people who want to be a master. The package includes enhancement from normal to professional . There are also tutorials available for office workers to enjoy art of life and self-upgrading for career development.   You will never too busy to participate these classes.

what you can get during and after this journey?

  • you can get personal advises from gurus to enrich your life .
  • You can know yourself better after practicing.
  • You can understand the value of humanity to the modern world.
  • You can be a career artist as well.
  • you can gain art coach status after passing exam of certification.
  • To work as a professional curator.
  • You can earn a iNGO Coin after each course. for more information , please register membership.

Brief Curriculum

Grade One:
The Human Heritage of Art & Culture

Level I
Level II
Level III

Grade Two:
Modernity & Contemporary Arts

Level IV
Level V
Level VI

Grade Three:
Professional Study & Career Development

Level VII
Level VIII

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Art House Movie Workshop

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Cinema Workshop

Cinema Workshop

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Resilient Seminar

Resilient Seminar

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The Workshop

The Workshop

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