A big picture in the cinematic world.

Learning to live together by developing an understanding of others and their history, traditions and spiritual values and, on this basis, creating a new spirit which would induce people to implement common projects or to manage the inevitable conflicts in an intelligent and peaceful way. Utopia, some might think a vanish thing, but it is a necessary. Utopia indeed a vital one if we are to escape from a dangerous cycle sustained by cynicism or by resignation.” This was the recommendation in the Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century.

Two decades later, we are still searching for this Utopia – a creative form of education that forms the basis for a new spirit. But how do we get there?

We may reach this goal by means of creative arts and educational contents in movies which help people to know more about the vital issues. We as human beings should work together to achieve this goal and pave a way to make a better tomorrow, together.

Can education really change lives? How movie help education and change culture? Can we stop schools from becoming targets in times of consumerism? Will creative arts help general public out of the spiritual struggle in the heavy machinery civilization? 

Is it possible to work out some innovative curriculum that help people in the century of global citizenship? Is it possible to turn the situation around so that everyone benefits. Why is it essential that we restore the image of the social sciences and the humanities?

People of 21th century, let’s find the answer together by movie making. Come and join our workshop in Beijing. We quest the puzzles through our interest things such as cinema and film.

Many voice, one world! Let’s share our experience from watching movies, doing production or even dealing with government stuffs. We can implement creative idea, social issue or edutainment into production. Make it to be a professional career! A good film is always in critical demand.

Creative heads, how about let’s find a new way together to do production. Let’s talk cinema as a start point. Let’s build up our mutual Utopia in movie.

Louis Wang the founder of iNGO Academy is here to work with you. He is willing to tell you some inside stories in the following workshops.

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