Finding a lifting power

Dear Members!

Welcome to the information page after your registration. Please read further about  letter from our founders

If you enjoy what we are doing and would like to develop creative skills to the world, please also take our educational course us for more instruction. We will have a chance to work together to find higher value of life.

Here are the status for you to know after registration


After registering, you will get the basic status. You will receive our news letters and events’  invitation. Some new section will open up for your participation. After join our programs and other workshop, you might want to apply higher status  such as creative member  to share your idea professionally. That is the next one.

Creative members

In this status, you can stretch your creative brain and brawn. You can upload and share your creative project or artworks with others. You can have the opportunity to be promoted in our public activities. You will have a privilege to join our off line exhibition. You can also be a guru in our  art program or culture workshop. You will have a chance to  pick up a package of financial support. You will get recombination  after filling in your CV, artworks and profile photo in your account.  We will open up another section to you.


We promote the value of humanity in nature way  If you with your business want to join  force on this new movement,  please sign up our newsletter and come over our off-line activity. We can meet and discuss together. We will lovely work things out in a better way.

Enjoying your stay and have a good time!