Movement A.R.T.S.

A.R.T.S.(Advocating Reformation Towards Sustainability) is our long-term project  to respond the 17 goals from UNESCO. This is the theme that we are trying to communicate with general public regarding critical issues on global environment. By means of contemporary arts and creative events, idea get platform to stage, message narrated and people connected.

People of  old school were used to take technology as the main driving  force for economy development. However, culture indeed is the core of the trend. People of Creative class who can reshape the culture play the vital part of the innovation as well as the economy system. When they change the culture with some sort of art (magic)they also reshape the structure of economy.

Now the world system needs renovation for fast-paced culture change. Where would it start,  technology, media or arts? Does the culture revolve  into the good or bad direction?

During the process, how many artifacts, contents or issues can be well-presented?

Could those things be good paradigms for next generation of responsive professionals?

All the answers could be  worthy topics to study and research.

People nowadays are complaining the Earth unbalanced by the industrialization. Could the topic of nature force or spiritual power be the antidote for these potential catastrophes?

With the help from local professionals and supporters, our experiments or prototypes are presentable  for general public whom may get the ideas about the Eco-aesthetics , nature protection as well as family improvement. The goal of this project is to  help social development economically and culturally with more humility, just like a breeze above the grass field.

Are you interested to know more about  creative culture and entertainment economy later  termed as parts of the “Culture and Creative Industry” by the business society and World Trade Organization? We welcome people of all walks join this projects and find out the truth with us. Here is the reference of what we have engaged.

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