Rural Mix2019:Cookie House

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Dr. Burgher Plays

The Cookie House
Art Show

A culture fair of cinema, arts, adventure and treasure hunt, the sequel of project Winter Garden, It is the the play ground for creatives to share their passion of arts with other people. if you are a person looking for something more interesting things than urban activities, welcome join our recreational fair and meet with real heroes. It will be a great off line experience that enriches your real life.

Cookie House / May Edition
12 renowned artists in house.
Curator: Nana Bee

May 18 ~June 2, 2019

10:00~17:30 (Week Day)
09:40~18:00 (Holiday)

May 18 / 15:00~17:30

Rose Manor,
Beilangzhong Village,
Shunyi, Beijing,

Have a journey like an Eco Warrior

Why name it Cookie House?

a metaphor to bridge gaps of generation?

If you have a chance to watch the movie above(Matrix), you may wonder about why Neo keeps getting something like cookies from Oracle when they meet? There are a lot of discussions about this plot already on the web. How about your thinking? May be you can figure it out on your own after an inspiring journey of arts. Come on!

Aftershock from Cinema Workshop

A film exhibition currently is organized by international young film workers in Beijing. Are you interesting in their creative works? Cookie House is also an art house cinema. Come and watch their things! Visit their webpage, please.

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