The Cookie House

Close a metaphysical gap

The Cookie House is located in a nature reserved village in Shunyi, Beijing . The compound is called Rose Manor where near Capital Airport and surrounded by hi-tech research centers and villas.
Several decades ago, the venue was used to be a house for those who lived inside with privilege to have dinning and meeting. It was a building mixed Eastern and Western culture. Right now it is converted into a educational place and high-qualified fair to trade art and culture goodies internationally.

You maybe curious about the name “cookie house”. Is this a place to have bite on real cookie?

No, it is just an metaphor just as good arts to do in the conventional media.

The cookie may be a culture meme for your to find out a identity for yourself.

If you have a chance to watch the movie above(Matrix), you may wonder about why Neo keeps getting something like cookies from Oracle when they meet? There are a lot of discussions about this plot already on the web. How about your thinking? May be you could figure it out on your own after having had an inspiring journey of arts.

The venue is deliberately kept the original rough and visual abstract to highlight the philosophic point of Tao.

This is a century of convergence. However is is also a time of culture diversity and decentralization. A person is easy to get lost if he ro she cannot find our what real self identity is. The Cookie House is the place for you to get knowing about your self through he arts. You are welcome to come and experience the difference through our activities.

Special Message to Good Artist

The Cookie House is a wonder venue to present unique arts. We have activities, workshops, Taosidency (artist-in-residence) and coaching programs. Our manage group have turned this venue into the local attraction and landmark successfully. It is a pleasure to announce our decision to open for good artists presenting their creative artworks. Real artworks need long-termed shows to people to experience and understand, We believe that the better way to keep artwork valuable is to exhibit in a showroom than to keep in a dark storage.

The Cookie House is a multi-cultured showroom. You can invest and cultivate a room to preserve value for your creations. The space is critical to good artist. If you are a good artist and like to take part of our development in great China, new economy and digital currency, come and take this opportunity to get privileged supports. For more information, please contact prof. Louis Wang.(