Water, the Magic things

Water , the most important thing on the Earth,take 70%  of surface on this planet and give landmass a minor percentage. This world should be called a planet of water than of earth. Also 80% of our body is made with water that harmonizes  the function  of our living.  It is very easy to find out water’s contribution to our Eco system. However, people are too used to its existence and forget  its  important. Sometime its existence is abused such as getting polluted by garbage and poison chimerical. All those wastes are ended gathering on the ocean.

Recently, a study showed that  the water has memory. It can take information and keep for a  long period of time. Well, would water want to have a revenge for human’s misconducts?

To let people know water’s vital role playing on our daily life, we made human emotion with water-looked figures to presents  those reflections through metaphors of  artwork.