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Dawn of Digital Revolution

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Genre:Documentary Short
Format: Digital Video

In the beginning of 21st century, after a hunting wave of \”millennium bugs\”, mobile phones have successfully become hi-tech fashion for everyone. In the past ten years, from big to small, and another ten years, from small to large, the screen has changed from monochrome to color, from single call function to omnipotent, connected to the ever-increasing high-speed nG network, the mobile phone has  became a magic device that dominates modern life, able to watch movies and listen to music, play online games, transfer payments, Encyclopedia of life, dating and flirting, all of which can happen on the mobile phone.
In modern society, all kinds of networks have been installed into the Internet. The company\’s line number has established a commodity sales network, the Institute\’s institutions have promoted online teaching, research units have expanded academic exchanges, the news communication has established a global connection, the marketing Jianghu has established a huge Navy, and individuals have established a network red platform. Everyone is proud to be able to show themselves on the network.
For the big data future of the international Internet, plus the blockchain that can create money, after the multi network centralization and decentralization, there are different evolutions according to the interpretation angle of heroes. Politicians think that this is the best tool to control public opinion, and businesses regard it as the best effective advertising tool. Academics think that this is the basis for truth pursuit, while entertainment manufacturing industry regards it as self The ultimate public mystifying artifact since TV. And humans themselves are expected to be gradually zombie after the next AI network.
As for this network will not develop into a soul devouring monster? In this cosmic sea of Internet, can there still be people\’s perception? Just like the preliminary aesthetics, everything is idealism, all in silence!

This is a video sketch of Siggraph 1997, a  pretension of new digital tool for animation & cinema SFX.