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The Big Screen on Street in Beijing

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Genre:Experiment Short
Format: Digital Video

Where are Netizens
When the government becomes corrupt, experts become bricklayers, professors become beasts, the authority of the world is declining, and the halo, title and crown of opinion leaders in modern society are becoming increasingly false, empty and unprotected, people\’s life is conceivable, and will suddenly lose its basis. Without a sense of security, everyone will open their mouth and scold, and they want to get a vote to go away from other places, escape from the chaotic world, or escape into the world Internet world, looking for new heroes.
But more and more \”netizens\” are quoted in Jin and Japanese media. Usually these \”netizens\” express dissatisfaction on the Internet\’s public platform, provide Pop News, or express their opinions on an event in a blog, and then they are cited as public opinions by industrial reports, such as TV or radio news. Therefore, \”some netizens say \”Netizens think . has become an important guidance or moral indicator in many news events. However, who are these \”netizens\”?
God, monarchy and human rights are evolving into the era of information development. The social class that used to rely on information asymmetry has gradually retreated from the mystery. God is created by human imagination, the monarch is elected by people\’s support, the president is elected by political opinions, the authority of the government is formed by everyone\’s abiding by laws and regulations, and where are the netizens? In the media reports, it is like a mysterious V strange guest, and no trace can be found.
There is a large number of votes to the network platform professional recharge, high click rate of the network Navy, the development of commercialization, these are users or digital robots? At the other end of the title of \”netizen\”, in front of the computer interface, are there really great thinkers who are worried about the \”worry of the world first\” of this society, and \”speak up for justice\” and \”punish murderers and eliminate evils\” for the people in the countryside? Is there a group of \”people\” who have no time to express their opinions all day? Or are these \”netizens\” actually just products of mass consumption culture?
At the beginning of the digital network, it was a private high-level enjoyment to make friends through the computer network, e-mail or digital chat room, exchange life experience, and talk about the mood to kill time. Now, in the new era of authority deconstruction and international development, the secret netizen is becoming a trusted anonymous tutor or rumor maker, which is spreading Another new topic in theory!