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Remote Viewing in Taosidency©


It’s a summer afternoon,a rural ranch in the north of Beijing, . a group of creatives gathering for a workshop inside a new art venue the \”Cookie House” where  escorted by rose flowers in the garden. Among these roses, there is a special hybrid called \”the Peace\”.

The conversation of the group turns from today’s grocery supplies to fresh fruits picked up from trees nearb, as well as artworks on the second floor.

This is a typical activity of most sunset afternoon from in-house creatives. A drink among friend hood leads to dinner, hours of casual conversation about culture and life, or the perfect dishes turned out by an gastronomic venture. If you can seen something, there is a place to realize it!

Since its founding by art couple LKW and Nana Bee in 2007, here is nothing “usual” about an Taosidency where are not only incubators for productivity but also opportunities for funding, forging relationships, and perhaps most importantly, finding inspiration. As with most aspects of the art world, “one-size-fits-all” is not a term that can be applied here.

This year the Cookie House is open for public to celebrate their 12th year stay in Beijing. The Rose Manor will be ready for more creatives of different mediums to join.

“When you’re on the premises, it really feels like a whole world unto itself,” explains artist Han Qing who are a painter as well as a guitar player joining the Rural Mix exhibition for twice. “It’s a really special place that’s conducive to working, not only because of its location and the resources it provides, but also because of how it’s run: as an inclusive environment where creatives get together; where they share a curiosity about art, the world, and each other.”


In the summer of 2007,  Louis K Wang launched his new project for sustainability after working for conventional colleges. He envisioned a convergence where his peers could escape the metropolis and embrace a way of life more connected to earth. Rose Manor the current location of the Cookie House became the serene environment where he and his family could create and converse away from a stresses that, in his view, were byproducts of urban life and industrialization. He believed that the spirituality essential for artistic creation had been stamped out by materialism. But that it could be rekindled by a return to nature and art working. So, on a property they purchased in Beijing, Louis and Nana organized Rural Mix Project、the Winter Garden 、the Cookie House and upcoming Indigene  Globaly as public venue and educational center for 798 art district.


from the first year, since they began inviting friends 、artist and students to the compound, Louis K Wang and Nanabee hasn’t changed much . This place remains a friendly environment that the couple have set up to public. It is said the value of arts will be kept up, especially in the AI generation. The creativity of life is a fundamental survival key to humanity. Through art working, people will also find the value of them self and connection to the world.

The development of world will inevitably for everyone to upgrade in-mind creativity.If anyone who need a decent place to upgrade career,  do recreation and make some baby-step-fine tune-up in life, the Taosidency© is now available to apply.