About Subtown League

Bobao the Space Alien
Goober the insect
Nod the sweetheart
Banker Merchant
Toad Brother
Doodle the AI Bot

Subtown League© is a free zone outside crowded city, where gathers together people of different aptitutes and offers new paradiam of life for outsiders to experience things from different angles. Through watching several featured roles, readers will find out that they may be more talented than genius.

Featured Roles

Dr. Burger is a versatile scholar playing like a big boy. He lives in a building called Cookie House which was refitted from a cabin of giant airplane. He owns a ranch named “Burgher Manor”. His biplane was named “Red Dragonfly” and an antique car was named “Cranberry”. He used to be a pilot, a keen repairer, and a gardener. He would drive the Cranberry to visit his old friends in the city, or invite them to the Burgher Manor and fly together in Red Dragonfly for recreation

Bobao the lost space alien was an intern of spaceship of Earth Expedition Group. Unfortunately, their ship crashed on earth. Only he survived. Man in black found him and locked him up. Although Bobao is lucky to escape, he is lost in the human metropolis. He hides himself in red cloaks and big leather boots to evade the chasing of man in black.

Goober, a talky and mutant insect king, looked like a fluffy toy. It may be caused by absorbing too much wavelet and eating too much Sichuan spicy hotpot. Its obsession is to fight for power of insects and launch a revolution against the human dominate on Earth.

Banker Merchant dreams of becoming a greatest business man who can buy everything. But really he is only a warehouse janitor from downtown. He often takes himself as a big boss to command others. He enjoys and gets satisfied in the process of being bossy.

Nod the sweetheart is a cute little girl. She is little but she has to sell marshmallows on the street for a living and take care of her sick grandfather. She likes chatting with people and learning the way of thinking of adults. She hopes to become a strong woman and support women’s rights in the future!,

Toad Brother, the senior Toad is short but with street-smarted and tricky personality. The junior Toad is big with muscle but slow-brained. They have the characteristics of grassroots, walking across the streets sometimes making trouble for their neighbors. But sometimes they help others unexpectedly.

Doodle is an A.I. Bot and loves to drink. Originally, Doodle used alcohol as an energy supplement, which seemed to be full of vitality, but occasionally had side effects that caused some unusual behaviors resulting in jokes or troubles.

X Lady occasionally drops by from downtown city. She is a gorgeous and fashionable brings charm and modernity to this Subtown League.

Now, let the story of Subtown League leads you into the cognitive quantum system and reveal what good thing circling around you. Maybe from their stories of creative or funny cool life, you would extract a laughingstock, then shrug, shake heads, think from another angle and review all troubles again. Gradually and unconsciously, you can also be one of the talent League!

Would you like to join the team of creative expedition? Come up and get some sketch-ups!