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Accord and Disaccord

  At the root of all human thoughts, emotions and behaviors are the communication between neurons in the brain. Brain waves are generated by a large number of synchronized and unsynchronized electrical pulses from neuron communication. Brain waves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp, describing their function in terms of bandwidth, but can… Continue reading Accord and Disaccord

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Wanderings inside the \”Art Zone\”

2012 The 798 Arts District is one of the funny cool tourist spots in Beijing. Here, tourists can visit several creative galleries, museums, as well as some fabulous restaurants, cafés and bars. This arts district was transformed from an industrial area saturated with decommissioned Bauhaus factories mixed with Chinese-style construction that make the arts zone… Continue reading Wanderings inside the \”Art Zone\”

Yao Shou\’s Idyllic Dream

by Louis K Wang This is an ink painting by Ming Dynasty artist Yao Sho whose brushstrokes and structure have been taken as evidence of creativity of Asia art history. This 180 x 47 cm scroll has an approximately history of more than 400 years. This is the Yao\’s original artwork when being an administrator… Continue reading Yao Shou\’s Idyllic Dream


类型:微纪录 格式: 数字影片 长度:3‘30\” 年份:2011 在拥挤的城市举办公共活动有什么令人兴奋的?例如,这是一个以自然保护和替代能源(人类产生的能量)为主题的艺术活动。毕依帆再一次带领你在北京对面的房子前享受这项活动的乐趣。如果你走出家门,加入人们,你会有更多的乐趣。 (澳大利亚北京使馆文化参赞支持举办)     国际学塾潜能启发体验,欢迎申请参与新世纪认知体系!

Winter Garden in Beijing

Story: This project was our effort to mix arts with Eco-aesthetics for sustainability which would be a good suggestion to mainstream society of Beijing.  \”Rural Mix\” branded a long-termed experiment on culture and art to quest for new ways of life in the AI age. The exhibition was held after good communication with local government… Continue reading Winter Garden in Beijing

Nanabee\’s Long Shot Exploring Red Gate Residency Program

by LKW 2017   Could It be a greater experience to share individual creativity with others through art doing? Maybe people with same frequency will come together. Thatis a good thing to help personal growth and get benefit in a changing society. The digital network offers a great opportunity to get off the constraint on… Continue reading Nanabee\’s Long Shot Exploring Red Gate Residency Program