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The Poem of Energy Wave!

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Genre:Surreal Short
Format: Digital Video

How does the human consciousness work? Neurons in the brain only run mechanically and discharge energy. Why do they generate consciousness? These questions gradually get answered by some physicists on a series of scientific hypotheses. Human consciousness may be the same as the principle of energy interacted in the universe, which generate messages in random.

In the physics, science has come up theories about materials in atomic, proton, electronics and further more. After decades of experiencing, the school of quantum physics came up with energy particles to explain space and time. The fundamental principal of universe is only the practice of energy. The whole universe is a large energy field, a variety of energy particles interact with each other to form physicals, stable and unstable. The light and radio waves are the same energy particles formed into a field of repulsion. After the big bang, planets were formed. Even the darkness of the universe was not empty but with dark matter inside such as black holes absorbing energy. As for the earth, the nature world, wind and lightning, all kinds of energy inside the atmosphere are interacting that create the species.

Our brain, a small universe full with neurons, is a venue of energy particles, networking together to do protein delivery and discharge. Trillion of neurons, in different blocks, charge weak but different amount of energy, tne formation of brain waves. Consciousness thus happens in these generated brain waves. Cognitive also form through the energy growth and decline.

So, what if it is true that quantum physicist\’s claim that consciousness produced in the energy flow. It is the same principle as energy particle in the Earth\’s atmosphere,. That is mean there will be consciousness generated in the big universe at random movement. Is this big consciousness can be cognitive and planned to be creative? Is it the God ? Is God\’s existence just a set of consciousness systems in the universe?

What if the mysterious phenomenon, were all the products from this random energy that create consciousness same as our brain? Now quantum mechanics can give answer that not only from physics but also from metaphysics, such as multiverse, parallel universe, space traveling, UFO, and even telepathy, sixth sense, soul or faith.

For example, could the energy waves inside the brain connect consciously with those from Earth\’s atmosphere? Coud we relay those consciousness from atmosphere to other people’s brain? This phenomenon seems easily understandable for people who are nerve sensitive. Could the energy wave of the universe penetrate skulls and let people receive the message? It is not difficult to understand for those who often dream or have illusions. What If the army of brain neuron is not only a powerful data processer but also a receiver. Then, it is only the problem tuning in a suitable frequency to understand those energy waves traveling in space. Do not forget the light or sound that human can identify are only a small part of them. There are infrared, ultraviolet, ultrasound and much more energy waves.

What if there is a super being traveling badly in the different head and trying to make collective consciousness of common understanding? Whether the formation of big consciousness is from those souls leaving flesh?  Global consciousness is a collective sense of feedback, physically from various mediums, metaphysically from those energy waves. These interactions are forming our collective culture and works of art expression. Some said good artists are gifted to receive message from universe easily. That may be partially true. This is the age that nature science and human arts are no longer separated. As long as you are a person that trusts instinct and believes inspiration, the concept of global consciousness is for you. Learn arts and appreciate them. You will be benefited once awakened someday.