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Taosidency© is a pioneer project for life of art, a social science research programs to convergent culture heritage for this polarized world. 

The AI era is approaching, and economic models will evolve accordingly. The sustainable management of human life will be crucial, as all business activities are related to human quality. Taoidenty © is centered around nature ecology, with ancient wisdom of Han China and lifestyle as its theme. With a global perspective and local empirical experience, it adopts humanistic technology applications, adopts online communication and offline activities, and establishes cultural and creative movement and integrated media, focusing on intellectual property rights, and exploring valuable cultural contents to drive the evolution forward. At the same time, in the development of the modernity, we provide practical platforms for young people with idea, preach real Chinese cultural to the world, and tell good stories with contemporary art. as well as, achieve the goal of high-quality development for rural revitalization.

Since 2007, the films, fashion, and art events that have taken place in Beijing’s countryside have flourished in the imagination of the global public, creating a new countryside culture. The Rural Mix originated from the local experience of original life art, as well as the constantly evolving public communication, providing alternative references for the constantly changing and innovative modern China and rural rejuvenation.

Under the guidance of visual artist Prof. Louis K Wang (PhD) and writer Nana Bee, it is like making a good movie, always trying to blend new creativity with new art forms as expression. To promote this new trend of civilization and natural ecological environment, and appropriate practical methods, it was the initial idea of pastoral art. Through the interdisciplinary art exhibition from life experience, under the protection of trees, one can obtain inspiration from the Noosphere.

The pastoral art of life, which has been around for sixteen years, will provide a showcase of achievements in various fields for people in the digital age, and offer opportunities for advanced high-end practice. Through contemporary art, it will tell stories of Chinese characteristics and the harmony between humans and nature.

For people looking for next train, Taosidency© has established a platform ready to offer services. The seminar is open to participants in integrated venues related to art, recreation, and meditation to metaphysics. In addition to innovative experiences in work and living, there is also health care, aligning with international standards, and engaging in a valuable culture exchange. In Taosaibang ©, embark on this pastoral lifestyle!

Taosidency© welcome eligible person to participate and enjoy the creative living experience for a blended but dispersed world. Provide resident services for applicants. The cultural and creative practice area needs to have natural ecological conditions. According to the application status, a studio is provided quarterly, open to all those who want to enjoy the art of life and balance their inner world.

We have successfully collaborated with relevant groups to develop a pastoral resort, an art space called “Cookie House”, and a huge greenhouse called “Winter Garden”. Taosidency© will become an eco-friendly brand, and this platform will be a new fashion that integrates life and work through AI age. This was also a suggestion that the great Chinese philosopher Tao Yuanming had attempted to put forward to the world. With the help of all high-tech, digital networks, refined agriculture, and new energy, it can once again contribute to the post-modern era of humanity.

We brand all this practices and art of life life the Taosidency© .