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Life in Rural Mix

Do you get bored by urban life, lamenting suffocation. Doyou want to have an escape out of convention, watching TV, eating and shopping?

Is the weight of the metropolis is too much for you to take that you can\’t go out of the consumption circle to experience meaningful recreation and relaxation for real self?

Knocking on computer keyboards, brushing mobile screens, cold city life and stressful work become a mono vibe of modernity. The leisure in the holiday has become shopping malls, eating big meals and singing KTV. Study said, after this kind of leisure, what people get is just more fatigue and emptiness.

Want to enter a resort but cannot get rid of everywhere homogeneous scenic spots, people-crowded landscape without real cure-heartened activities.

Since we held a \”Winter Garden\” exhibition 2017, the earth has become greener and the ecological civilization has become more vigorous.

Now we will develop a grassland into an activity field of earth art. Let\’s make it an ecological park where the public can participate, interact and improve taste. Let all friends who like nature, movies and music share the happiness together.

There is no need to envy earth art festival happened somewhere outside. In Beijing, we can also build such a paradise for cultural leisure and entertainment. Let creative and curators make efforts to do something praising natural ecology. Let people immerse themselves in the ecologic theme with contemporary arts, mix with science and technology, absorb positive energy, release negative energy and pressures.

Alice accidentally entered the wonderland of sleepwalking and experienced a fantastic journey. After returning to reality, though that magical journey is just a dream, all experience and person she had met gave her an inspiration for her life.

Do you also fantasize about driving to the edge of the world, there is a forest full of green, rolling down the window to breathe Fernando essence, and then driving forward, you will enter the dreamland, where you will start a fantastic journey. However, you say that it\’s just an unrealistic fantasy. Where is the forest paradise?

Yes, we have. With such a forest park, you can forget the restlessness of urban life for a while, lie on the green grass, and feel the warm contact of sunshine and skin. In the dense growth of the forest, feel the cool and fresh air. Let green mind relieve the high eyes\’ pressure caused by screen-brushing all day. Let a green mind leads you  from city to a fantastic journey in the park.

The whole green world is full of colorful goodies that surprise you, waiting for you to explore. There are all kinds of art experts to show your talents, hide in the forest and wait for you to appreciate and interact. There are writers and poets who read for you, perhaps speaking of his own life story.\"\" There are also painted and hand-made dimples, with you to create your dream jewelry. These eggs are all for you, a fantastic trip to the forest. To music, to performance, to hand-on artworks, relieve your pressure outside, and communicate with you inside about a story of life.

You need to drive to the edge of the city, but don\’t worry about going too far. We are on the outskirts of Beijing with convenient transportation. Here, not Alice\’s wonderland of sleepwalking, but a forest paradise for you. What you get into  is not a fairy tale subtown, but a multi universe constructed by arts, vision and technology.

Now, it\’s not difficult to realize this wish. We sincerely invite you to participate in this project. We will build a stage and related facilities together in this green space. Then, we can hold music festivals, concerts, film exhibitions, contemporary art workshops and introduce international pastoral parties. This is a gift for the 21st century dreamer of  youth generation.

Located in the ecological park of village in Shunyi, the suburb of Beijing, a lawn surrounded by green forests, in the way of sharing, the venue opens to the global citizen to participate in the initiative and become the member of the movement

To make a feast of creatives together, to improve the quality of life together, to relax together in the holiday, to achieve the balance of body and mind together, to be a happy and healthy person and to construct this rural ecological area together, will those wishes be such wonderful things in life!

From enjoying RuralMix to Taosidency©, all start form a registration and be one of valuable members.