RuralMix 2017

The art exhibition held in a new large-scaled greenhouse inside the flower center of Beilangzhong,Beijng . The theme of the exhibition matched with the green concept of ecological development. Apart from the vegetation and flowers, there were also artworks from contemporary artists of considerable international reputation. Arts and nature could inspire people to do something good.for our shared world. This exhibition have presented a cultural and creative atmosphere to the local community.

The art exhibition, based on the innovative approach to make culture cross-over, was curated by well-known novelist Nanabee who brought high-quality artworks from renowned artists such as Wang Li-feng, Han Qing, Kim Namo, Sun Ou and Yang Ming-ru. Meanwhile, Louis Wang introduced his documentary “the Country  aka. Pastoral Decade“ to tell a story about his experiment to live in a modernized rural area in Beijing.

Let the seeds of art spread on the land of rural area,. Let the good culture continue to take root deeply and grow strongly for better future of humanism.