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Rural Mix 2017- an Exhibition of Creative Arts


Date:09th~16th, Dec.
Open Party: 9th, Dec.,2:00pm
Venue:Winter Garden,Beilangzhong Village,
Zhao Quan Ying,Shunyi,


The pace of life accelerates after the urbanization. The development of science and technology with the fast-food culture make life more and more convenient. Many life trivial matters can be solved just by fingertip on apps. It seemed that we have saved a lot of time and enjoyed happiness forever since then.

However, people nowadays till lamented the stress and suffocation, lost the connection with real human beings as well as the nature and even the fresh country yard. The pressure of life is still there and unsolved. Life is bound in a variety of terminology and routines. Diseases of modern civilization thus come and bother you one by one.

In fact, DMCs do not need to take any medicine. They can be cured by touching the mother nature and the arts.

In the creative world, many good works and beautiful chapters were based on the pastoral world. In ancient China, poets in the pastoral life created a lot of beautiful poetries and words to inspire people for generation to generation. In the western literature, many touching novels also occurred in the pastoral manor life. Into the field of art, a lot of aesthetics and beautiful paintings reflected people\’s lives linked closely with nature.

The RuralMix 2017, Exhibition Of Creative Arts aims to bring all the viewers, through artists’ perspectives, into the works of art based on the theme of nature and pastoralism in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Through a variety of creative presentations and diverse works, people of modern life may get some inspiration of thinking differently. It is also hope that, after this exhibition, everyone will be encouraged to drop their technological devices, put aside their dependence on the Internet, walk into the natural environment, feel the beauty of nature and discover the memories of childhood.

For artists, creation is a way of expressing life experience as well as reflection of life philosophy. Through various forms of artworks, publics might have a chance to witness the existence of souls, the story of human with nature and ideas of sustainability for human civilization.

Main Exhibition works and Creators

\” Pastoral Decade Towards China Dream/ Docudrama
Creator / Louis Wang

The Universe of Dark Boxes/Blackboxes
Creator / Namo

\” Paintings of China Innovation / Paintings
Creator / Li Feng Wang

\”Pastoral Jazz / Oil painting
Creator /Qing Han

\”Gold Touch/ Mixed Materials
Creator / Ou Sun

\”Literature in Painting/ Installation
Creator and curator / Nana Bee

About Venue

The \”Winter Garden\” is a large new eco-greenhouse built in Beilang Zhong flower Center. In Nanabee’s fairy-tale novel \”Ne-Ne\”, there is also a large green house with a mystery channel leading people to another world. The reality version of the greenhouse of this kind will not only to a home of vegetation but also creative arts. It also will become an educational base of popular science on ecology. With the efforts of art exhibitions, organizers hope, on the venue, to open up a new chapter in culture and innovation to transmit green concept to China civilization.